Accessories and other items

To complete our range of vibratory pile driving, conventional pile driving, silent piling and extraction, PAJOT also offers a full range of profile handling equipment and special complementary machinery.

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Clamps / Release shackle

The shackles with remotely-controlled opening are used for fast lifting, positioning and release in complete safety of profiles prior to pile driving.

The shackles have a CMU (maximum payload) capacity of 1 to 200 tonnes and a choice between remote opening by cable pull (EGRS, LZ, DZ, TCP) or belt driven forward and backward motion (ERRS and ERBS).

Sheet pile threaders

These tools are designed to remotely thread left or right hand sheet pile interlocks without parts changes and eliminate the need for a top man several meters from the ground or having to use the rope system.


With the Profound VIBRA system consisting of a geophone and a monitor, vibrations caused by traffic, pile driving or demolition work can be monitored continually and accurately. All the data is available via the software provided over a wired connection or the mobile network (GSM). You can install a warning light to warn when a system threshold is exceeded.