Air pile hammers


PAJOT PNEUMATIC IMPACT HAMMERS are highly efficient pile driving machines used for PILE DRIVING a variety of profiles (sheet piles, tubes, H piles, guardrail posts, etc.) when constructing retaining walls, special foundations, civil engineering structures and carrying out roadworks: sheet pile curtain walls, king post walls, etc.


The advantages of pneumatic impact hammers

Plug & Play ! You have to just connect the hammer to an air compressor and you can work immediatly...


  • Longevity, easy handling, low maintenance and operating costs.
  • Compactness allied to minimal weight
  • High impact rate and extremely powerful impact force
  • Adjustable force and rate
  • Capable of driving piles into all types of soil such as hardpan, marl, clay and shaly soil
  • For pile driving all available types of profile
  • They will work with any compressor with an adequate power rating
  • Automatic greasing via simple line greaser
  • Noise-proof covers are available for all impact hammers

The correct choice of impact hammer depends on a number of factors (length and type of profiles, nature of the terrain, etc.) we are at your disposal if you need advice.

We supply line greasers and compressor connection hoses for all our impact hammers. Noise-proof covers are available for all impact hammers.

New PAJOT type C pneumatic impact hammers

The cylindrical design of these impact hammers not only gives them great strength, it also makes them easier to maintain and use. The power delivery of these pneumatic hammers has also been improved by the new design. We are currently offering 4 new models: 800 kg, 1200 kg, 4200 kg  and 5200 kg.