Guardrail post pile drivers

GUARDRAIL POST PILE DRIVERS are commonly used for DRIVING IN guardrail posts, photovoltaic panel posts and wooden picket posts used in agriculture and the development of green spaces.

The 2 types of guardrail post pile driver

ORTECO hydraulic guardrail post pile driver

The self-propelled and truck-mounted hydraulic impact hammers have been specially designed to install guardrail posts, photovoltaic cell fields and wooden posts. 

This heavier duty solution delivers higher productivity from a single user.

Pajot pneumatic guardrail post pile driver

The PAJOT guardrail post pile drivers are ideal for guard rail post installations and offer a robust and durable solution with low operating costs. The machines are compact (folding mast) and lightweight making them easy to transport to the site. They can be fitted with a PAJOT 115, 160 or 300 kg impact hammer and only require a 2200 to 3500 liter compressor pulled by the pile driver to power them.