MAP 3600 on tube
MAP 3600 on sheet piles
MAP 2800 on sheet piles
MAP 1400
MAP 1400 on sheet piles
PAJOT Air pile hammers
MAP 160
MAP 115 on wooden pile
MAP 300

Conventional PAJOT pneumatic pile drivers

Our range of pneumatic pile drivers with power outputs of 20 to 2,334 kg.m provides the most cost-effective and easiest solution for driving profiles into sites with limited space.

Applications :





technical details

Types and approximate weights26 kg50 kg115 kg160 kg300 kg600 kg1400 kg2800 kg3600 kg
Characteristics of the S.G.D.G. patented Automatic Impact Hammers use in pile driving.Approx No. of blows per minute (1)16001350500450420300240190160
Approx compressed air flow m3./min. (1)
Power in KGM/BLOW (@ 7 bar) (1)//478011021461514202334
Inner diameter of intake pipe (1)25 mm25mm25 mm25 mm25 mm40 mm40 mm50 mm50 mm
Approximate outer dimensions (1)285x180x520 mm200x615 mm0.970 x0.136 x0.136 m0.990 x0.160 x0.160 m1.250 x0.175 x0.175 m1.300 x0.270 x0.270 m1.600 x0.390 x0.390 m1.900 x0.500 x0.500 m2.200 x0.525 x0.525 m
Pile driving work examples suitable for PAJOT impact HammersMetal Sheet Piles (2)Width//2.200 x0.525 x0.525 m200 to 400 mm300 to 400 mm300 to 400 mm300 to 400 mmWidest or 2 at a timeWidest or 2 at a time
Pile height//1 to 2 m1 to 2 m2 to 3 m3 to 5 m6 to 11 m11 to 15 m15 to 18 m
Square or round wooden piles (2)Width∅ max 120mm∅ max 180 mm100 x 100 mm100 x 100 mm100 x 200 mm planks100 to 300 mm250 to 350 mm350 mm400 mm
Pile height//2m2m2 to 3 m3 to 5 m6 to 9 m10 to 15 m 15 to 18 m
Reinforced concrete piles (2)Width/////150 x 150 mm200 x 200 mm300 x 300 mm350 x 350 mm
Pile height/////2 to 3 m5 to 7 m8 to 12 m12 to 16 m
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1- The figures below have been calculated on the basis of a motor fluid pressure of 5.6 kg of pressure and are provided for information only
2- In soil with a medium consistency

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