Vibration frequency from 2400 to 3000 RPM. Not only does the EMV not damage the excavator, the high frequency it uses enables it to operate in urban environments and […]

Excavator-mounted vibrators are used for the VIBRATORY PILE DRIVING and EXTRACTION of profiles (sheet piles, tubes, H piles, wooden piles, etc.) when constructing retaining walls, special foundations and civil engineering structures: sheet pile curtain walls, king post walls, bank protectors, etc.

The advantages of excavator-mounted vibrators

  • Their handling system allows them to pick up the profiles from the ground and install them in a single operation.
  • They do not require a hydraulic power plant
  • They can guide the profile during vibratory pile driving
  • They are compact, robust and reliable

To match a vibrator to an excavator*, simply check that the excavator is capable of supplying at least the minimum flow and pressure to drive the vibrator and, of course, that it can support the weight of the vibrator and the profile. As regards the hydraulics, the only requirement is a dual purpose line and a return leak off line connected directly to the hydraulic reservoir.

* apart from the side grip model


The correct choice of vibrator depends on a number of factors (length and type of profiles, nature of the terrain, etc.) we are at your disposal if you need advice.