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The company Pajot is a family business which was founded in 1910 by Alphonse Pajot. First orientated on general engineering, the company Pajot took a turn in 1920, when Alphonse invented Pajot air hammers. Since then Pajot has not stopped developing its offers and products in an effort to leave its customers even more satisfied. The Pajot company is now managed by the fourth generation who offers new and used equipment for sale and for hire. Thanks to its experience, the Pajot company is able to offer its customers sound advice when it comes to choosing equipment that is suited to their needs as well as technical maintenance, in France and abroad.


The fourth generation in control

Today our company specialises in HIRING, SELLING (new and used) and BUYING BACK equipment for VIBRATION, DRIVING, JACKING, UPROOTING and FORMWORK for all kinds of profiles: sheet piles, tubes, H piles, wooden piles, concrete piles etc.

Société PAJOT située à 10mn d'Angers

The PAJOT company, 10 minutes from Angers

The equipment we offer is suitable for civil construction and river, maritime and offshore works among others.

We guarantee advice regarding the choice of equipment and a technical assistance and maintenance team onsite (in France and abroad) or in our workshops. A team of technicians also provide start-up and training support for sales and rentals.

Ouvrier de l'usine PAJOT à côté d'un marteau neuf

An employee in the Pajot factory next to a new hammer


 The Pajot Hammers

Before the arrival of hammers, profile driving was done using a falling mass which was lifted using an automatic or manual hoist.

The invention of the hammer was a revolution because it not only allowed work to be carried out faster but also brought about higher impact energy provided by air (or vapour) density as well as the striking mass, which is known as the double effect.



A century of driving stories

Battage de palplanches au début du siècle

Sheet pile driving at the beginning of the century

Originally, the PAJOT HAMMERS were entirely produced in the PAJOT factories, which at the time had 150 employees. They were enormously successful and quickly became world-renowned thanks to their reliability, user-friendliness and their great efficiency. Currently, the parts which make up PAJOT HAMMERS are manufactured by subcontractors but they are still assembled internally by a team of technicians who also ensure set-up and maintenance…

For more information about driving, see the driving courses carried out by our company in the 1980s.