The REDEB HD support brackets/consoles and the SOFFIT HD multi-form panels/platforms are purpose-built for installing caps weighing between 2 and 15 tonnes per console.  This system can also be […]

The REDEB support brackets/consoles and the SOFFIT multiform panels/platforms for loads under 1.5 or 2 tonnes per console depending on sheet pile type, are designed for capping sheet piles […]

The REDEB SOFFIT system improves site profitability and speed of implementation by supporting formwork used to cap sheet piles in permanent civil engineering structures such as river and canal banks, sea shore curtain walls, harbor works and flood defenses.

The system completely replaces all conventional methods which are slow and expensive both in terms of materials and manpower. The system appreciably reduces construction time.

Rapid dismantling facilitates reuse. Does not damage the sheet piles.

The advantages of the Dawson formwork systems

  • Extremely fast assembly
  • Easily assembled by non-specialist workforce
  • Eliminates wastage of consumables
  • A complete, tried and tested system
  • Reusable
  • Suitable for most U and Z sheet piles