Solution for installing Z, U, H-pile profiles and foundation piles in groups of 2 to 6. Because the pilers are mounted on leaders, the operation to make the piles […]

An innovative solution imported from Japan for driving profiles by using the reaction force of piles that have already been installed and anchored into the ground, then installing the […]

SILENT PILERS are commonly used for the silent and vibration-free DRIVING and EXTRACTION of sheet piles, tubes, threaded tubes, box piles, etc.

The advantages of silent pilers

  • The quietest solution on the market, perfectly suited to operations in urban areas
  • This technique does not destabilize the soil
  • No guides required

The correct choice of silent piler depends on a number of factors (length and type of profile, nature of the terrain, etc.) we are at your disposal if you need advice.

Silent pilers can be equipped with special clamps to suit any type of profile.