Vibratory pile driving

A technique using a vibrator producing vertical vibrations which, when combined with the effect of its own weight, drives profiles in or extracts them from sandy or alluvial soil and so-called uncompacted or non-cohesive soil. Vibrators can also be used in free handling mode at the end of a telescopic crane / frame or be mounted on an excavator’s dipper and use its hydraulics.

Impact pile driving

A technique used on hard ground where vibratory pile driving or silent piling are not effective. The driving action is either achieved using dual effect pneumatic or hydraulic impact hammers (where the drop of the impact head is powered by the power source) or single effect diesel hammers (free-falling weight).

Silent piling

A technique using hydraulic cylinders to install or extract profiles. This technique is used to eradicate the vibration caused by vibratory pile drivers and the noise created by impact hammers. Silent piling is recommended for work in urban environments or confined spaces.

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