PVE high frequency vibrators with variable moment

Vibration frequency 2300 RPM. During start up and shut down, the eccentrics are phase uncoupled to prevent any vibration when the operating frequency is below 33 Hz, making this system ideal for working in close proximity to buildings or sites that are sensitive to vibration.

This vibrator is resonance-free during start up and shut down making it suitable for operations in urban environments and projects with high vibration sensitivity. It is mounted on the excavator dipper arm and powered by the on-board hydraulic system by a single dual purpose line and a return leak off line connected directly to the hydraulic reservoir.

To run the machine, the driver sends pressure in one direction to close the clamp around the profile, accelerate the eccentrics up to the maximum frequency, at which point the vibration begins. To stop the machine, the driver sends the pressure in the other direction, the vibration stops and the clamp opens.

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