ATLAS COPCO hydraulic post drivers

ATLAS COPCO hydraulic post drivers can be used on all types of square or round profile up to approximately 150 mm and small/lightweight sheet piles.

They require a hydraulic feed (provided by a tractor or power unit) with a flow rate of between 20 and 40 l/mn at a pressure of 80 to 125 bar, depending on model. Oil dividers are available to adapt your hydraulic supply to work with the post driver. 20 to 70 kg range available (with guide)

LPD-TUsed for driving in road barrier tubes, profiles, signposts, fences and a wide range of anchors and poles. The post drivers provide stable, powerful, high speed driving for a variety of post sizes. When operated with an optional hose-mounted remotely-controlled valve, the drivers can be run with both open- or closed-center systems.

 The LPD-T is supplied with a 0.5 meter hose with quick connector and is equipped with a trigger lever which the operator uses directly on the post driver.

 The LPD-RV is supplied with a 2 meter hose and is equipped with a remote valve, so that the operator can operate the post driver even when positioned on very tall posts.

 These machines can handle a high back pressure on the return line making them suitable to use with any hydraulic outlet, including those on skid-steer loaders which typically have high back pressures, or when extremely long hoses are needed.

technical details

Post driversLPD-LD-T
Hydraulic systemOpen centerOpen centerOpen or closed centerOpen centerOpen or closed center
Weight including hoseskg17.532333940
Operating weight with 54 mm square adapterkg/34354546
Maximum operating pressurebar80-100105-140105-140105-125105-125
Oil flowl/min.2020-3020-3028-4028-40
Impact rate @ 30 l/minblows/min.23001680168013201320
Reference1801 3940 061801 4040 021801 4050 021801 4140 001801 4150 00