CHRISTIE petrol post drivers

The petrol post drivers are the most compact and lightest in the range and can handle all types of square or round profile up to 107 mm.

These post drivers feature an integrated motor for standalone use.

Model: 16 kg (with guide)

CHPD-78_MG_2745Used for driving in road barrier tubes, profiles, signposts, fences and a wide range of anchors and poles. The post drivers provide stable, powerful, high speed driving for a variety of post sizes.

technical details

CHPD78 Advantages

  • Portable - No need for hoses or generators.
  • Lightweight, only 14.5 kg
  • Ideal for steep sites or inaccessible places
  • Greatly reduced physical effort compared to conventional methods
  • Can be used all day long without causing excess operator fatigue
  • Drives up to 500 picket posts per liter

Post driversCHPD-78
Weight14.5 Kg
Power26 joules
Blows per minute1720
Kilowatts1.1 (1.3HP) @ 7000 RPM
Motor4T, leading camshaft
AcceleratorTrigger on handle
Vibration level m/S29.24 (for Ø 100 mm wooden piles)
Consumption0.71 L/hour
Starting mechanismRope starter
Noise levelHearing protection level required > 100dB