Giken silent piler

GIKEN self-walk silent pilers

An innovative solution imported from Japan for driving profiles by using the reaction force of piles that have already been installed and anchored into the ground, then installing the next profiles using hydraulic pressing. The machine sits on top of the reaction profiles and moves autonomously to the next position by gripping the profile it is currently driving.

GIKEN offers a range of innovative sheet pile and tube piling solutions.

When working with compacted soil, options such as pre-drilling and water jetting can be used to make it easier to install the profiles.

When hiring these machines, an operator is provided.

UP 150
UP 150
Maximum pressing force1100 kN (112 t)1500 kN (153 t)1500 kN1500 kN
Maximum extraction force1200 kN (122 t)1600 kN (163 t)1600 kN1600 kN
Stroke1100 mm1200 mm800 mm850 mm
Pressing speed2.8 - 37.3 m/min2.1 - 23.2 m/min1.4 - 22.7 m/min1.4 - 30 m/min
Extraction speed1.0 - 29.8 m/min1.7 - 18.9 m/min2.2 - 17.6 m/min1.1 - 23.2 m/min
Remote controlRadioRadioRadioRadio
Weight14250 kg21500 kg9400 kg10300 kg
Power plant typeEU300G3EU300G3EU 200EU 300
Reaction stand weight2750 kg3600 kg2000 kg1900 kg
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