MAP1000C sur H
MAP4200C à Lamor Baden
MAP4200C à Larmor Baden sur tube
4200C avec guide palplanche sur GU8N en paire
4200C avec guide palplanche sur combiwall
5200C avec guide fourreau au départ de son 1er chantier

New PAJOT Type C Pneumatic Impact Hammers

The cylindrical design of these impact hammers not only gives them great strength, it also makes them easier to maintain and use. The power delivery of these pneumatic hammers has also been improved by the new design. We are currently offering 4 new models: 800 kg, 1200 kg, 4200 kg  and 5200 kg.

Applications :





technical details

Advantages of the new pile drivers

  • Eliminates the risk of breaking the pullers and retaining clamps
  • Reduced labor and difficulty during installation
  • Reduced number of parts / consumables
  • Easier and faster breakdown diagnostics
  • Stronger assembly needing less daily maintenance
  • Simplified guide system that can easily be adapted to fit all profile types (tube, H, single or pairs of sheet piles, etc.)
  • Reduced manufacture lead times

Types and approximate weights800 kg1200 kg4200 kg5200 kg
Characteristics of the S.G.D.G. patented Automatic Impact Hammers used in pile driving.Approx. No. of blows per minute (1)240270140120
Approx compressed air flow m3./min. (1)9113335
Power in KGM/BLOW (@ 7 bar) (1)45570036005200
Inner diameter of intake pipe (1)40 mm40 mm50 mm50 mm
Pile driving work suitable for PAJOT Impact HammersMetal Sheet Piles (2)Width300 to 600 mm300 to 750 mmPairPair
Pile height6 to 8 m6 to 11 m20 m30 m
Square or round wooden piles (2)Width 440 mm 440 mm1220 mm1220 mm
Pile height4 to 8 m6 to 9 m20 m20 m
Reinforced concrete piles (2)Width200x200 mm200x200 mm400x400 mm400x400 mm
Pile height4 to 6 m5 to 7 m20 m25 m
Download PDF fileMAP 1000C data sheetMAP 1000C data sheetMAP 4200C data sheetMAP 4200C data sheet

1- The figures below have been calculated on the basis of a motor fluid pressure of 5.6 kg of pressure and are provided for information only
2- In soil with a medium consistency