The pneumatic extractors are used to extract all types of profile, including guardrail posts, H piles, tubes and sheet piles.

They can be equipped with twin clamps (requiring holes in the profile or self-tightening clamps (not requiring holes).

They require a 3500 to 10,000 l/mn compressor.

Only the PZ 130 model has the option of a closed system. It can therefore be handled in complete safety as impacts are isolated. This model is the only one available for sale. All the others are only available to hire.


CharacteristicsPZ 130 extractorA 200A 450PZ 4 extractor
Total weight including clamp120 kg250 kg493 kg2500 kg
Total weight of the impact head///720 kg
Stroke (max)///0-230 mm
Number of blows per minute950230-290350150-190
Energy per impact33 kg/m95 kg/m160 kg/m/
Permissible tractive force1 to 3 T2 to 6 T3 to 6 T/
Min/Max initial tightening///25 T / 40 T
Air consumption3500 l./min1800 l./min4200 l./min10000 l./min
Outer cylinder diameter or side///575 mm
Height including tightening clamp///3200 mm
Recommended traction///12 to 20 T
Inner hose diameter25 mm25 mm33 mm/
Total length including clamp950 mm1650 mm1995 mm/

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