DAWSON Hydraulic impact hammers

DAWSON Hydraulic impact hammers are powered by a dedicated Dawson hydraulic power plant of the correct output.

The impact hammers can also be powered by an existing hydraulic output (crane, vibrator power unit) when used with the DAWSON distributor which connects easily to the output of the equipment used.

Advantages of the DAWSON hydraulic impact hammers15K HAMMER UK.indd

  • The highest impact rate on the market
  • Adjustable impact rate from 60 to 120 blows per minute
  • Highly efficient power transfer to profile
  • Adjustable power 
  • ‘Monitoring’ to view and record the hammer data
  • Optimal power/weight ratio
  • Submersible
  • Can be used in free handling mode or mounted on a leader
  • Availability of different guide systems and caps to suit all types of profile
Impact hammersUnitsHPH1200HPH1800HPH2400HPH5000HPH6500HPH9000HPH10000HPH15K
Impact headkg1040150019004068465080001000012000
Impact speedm/s4.764.994.9855.
Max powerkg.m/s12001900240050006500100001000015000
Min powerkg.m/s642100097820002500400027004000
Impact ratecpm80-12080-12080-12080-12080-12080-12080-12080-120
Length (on leader)mm38003930443050425350650065006500
Total length (suspended)mm4670 a5050 a5300 a6567 *6485 *7500 *7500 *7500 *
Body diametermm4064705207257507509001800
Weight (on leader)kg300042506000850010400150001700019000
Total weight (suspended)kg3000 a4250 a6000 a10000 *13500 *23000 * 21000 * 27000 *
Power plant powerkg300030003000320048004800700012000

a: equipped with guides p/p

*: equipped with tube guide

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